South Lake Tahoe

May 23-29, 2019

Tahoe Valley Campground, South Lake Tahoe, California

Our campsite

We left Fallen, Nevada and continued our journey on Hwy 50 the Loneliest Hwy. Luckily we only had to travel a couple of hours today.

We finally got off of Hwy 50 so I guess we survived the Loneliest Highway in America and honestly we both dont care to do that road again.

We arrived at the campground around 11:00 and got check in and headed to our site. Oh no this site isn’t going to work for us. Our back door opened to a huge electric box and our front door opened to a tree. I went to the office and asked if we could be moved and the girl in the office was super nice and put us in a perfect spot for our stay. After we set up camp we headed out for some exploring. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful!

After we road around a little we saw a Kmart and decided to go check it out and see what kind of souvenirs we could find. I found a cute shirt and we went to pay for it and while I was talking with the cashier a lady was pointing at Louie saying dont I know you? When I turned around it was Azzie. We worked with her and her husband Joe at Fort DeSoto when we were all hosting. Wow what a small world we live in. We talked for a while and she invited us over for dinner on Tuesday. Gave us a few places to check out while we are here.

The next morning we got up early and packed our back packs and went exploring again.

Emerald Point
Eagle Falls
Trail going up.

We hiked up to Eagle Falls and beyond until we ran into snow yet again. We decided to turn around and head to the Emerald Bay State Park. Vikingsholm is a 38 room mansion that was built in 1929 and it is on the shore of South Lake Tahoe and the trail going down would be about a mile and half. Ok doesn’t seem that bad so down we went.

What goes down must come up
The mansion on the lake
One of the pine trees down by the lake
Snow Flower

We spent a while down by the lake enjoying the view and letting Nova swim a little. We made the journey back up the road. Oh my what a journey up hill all the way.

At the top looking down to where we were.

Saturday we went into town and shopped and checked out the casino’s on the Nevada side of town. Played the slot machine. Only spent 3.00 and it was enough for us.

Sunday we woke up to it snowing. It was so beautiful. I couldn’t believe it was snowing on us again.

Its snowing, Its snowing

The snow lasted a couple of hours then the sun came out and it seems like it was gone in no time. We pretty much just hung around the campground and I played catch up with laundry for the day.

We took a couple of adventures hiking and exploring on Monday and Tuesday and had dinner with our friends from Fort DeSoto on Tuesday evening and had a wonderful time catching up.

Couple more random pictures of our time here in Lake Tahoe.

We loved Lake Tahoe. Spent 6 nights here our longest stay yet and still feel like we didnt spend enough time here. All the words like amazing, beautiful, wonderful cant describe the how we feel.

Tomorrow we move on to Mineral, California to visit Lassen Volcano National Park. So follow along and drop a line so I know who reading.

Nevada Travels

May 21 and May 22

KOA in Ely, Nevada

We left Yuba State Park at our usual time and headed north. Our planned driving time was to be just under 4 hours. As we head out of the park and start heading north about 8 miles into our drive the GPS wanted us to turn left onto Old Botham Road. So as we approach the road we both realize it’s a dirt road that would take us to Interstate 15. Umm I dont think so. We continued north and eventually the GPS rerouted us. I knew we were looking for State Road 50 and we finally made it.

As you can see from the picture above it’s just us and the highway. We drove thru some pretty country. After awhile we started to wonder “Are we ever going to see a gas station”.

We finally found a gas station and it was a little expensive but we didnt have any choice but to pay the price. After we fueled up they had a store so we went inside to check it out. They had a gambling area, a restaurant and the store. While I was looking around I seen a booklet that mentioned Highway 50 was “The Loneliest Road in America”. Well then that explains why we have not seen anyone on the road. So I the booklet is The Official NV Hwy 50 Survival Guide for the Loneliest Road in America.

In July 1986, Life Magazine described Nevada’s Highway 50 as the “Loneliest Road in America” The article said there were no attractions or points of interest along the 287-mile stretch of road and “warned” drivers not to risk traveling the route – unless they had “survival skills.”

OKAY now that we just found this out from the booklet that I just picked up it had us really thinking about this road. We were to far in to turn around now. We planned to stop in Ely, Nevada for the night and continue on the next day.

After arriving at the KOA and getting set up I decided it would be a good place to get some laundry done. While I was getting everything together it started a light rain and then it started snowing. Wow I was so excited. Watching the snow while I did laundry. When I was done we made a little snowman. Yayyy

The next morning we woke up to more snow and was just a little worried as Louie has never driven in the snow much less pulling the camper.

Today’s drive would be over 4 hours on another part of the Loneliest Hwy.

Austin City

We finally made it to Fallon, Nevada for the nights stay and stayed at Fallon RV Park. Nothing at all special about this park I didnt even get a picture of our site. Choices were slim.

We head to South Lake Tahoe, California next so follow along and see how it goes

Yuba State Park

Painted Rock Campground

May 18-21, 2019

We left Moab and headed west on I-70. Our drive today is a little over 3 hours. Again we felt like we were the only ones traveling today. One thing we’ve noticed is the speed limit out here is 80. We were like wow. Also, we noticed after we got on I-70 that there was a sign that said No Services for the next 100 miles. Really a 100 miles.

We had a nice drive and found our campground again in the middle of no where. The weather turned cold and wet and we pretty much stayed in doors the whole 3 days we were here. It was nice to just have some down time.

Our campsite
Our view
Our last night

Tomorrow we head to Ely, Nevada.

Canyonlands National Park

Day 3

After reading a little about the park. There are no services. Only thing available is the Visitors Center. We packed a lunch and topped off our gas and away we went. The park is about 45 minutes from where we are staying. It was a beautiful drive with lots of pretty scenery. Once we arrived we checked in the visitors center and I was able to get another stamp for my passport book. Looked around and started exploring.

Our first stop was the Whale Rock. It was a short hike to the top.

This park is also huge. Lots of hikes to do but we were limited on what we could do because we had Nova. So we mostly did the pull off and overviews. Even with that it’s still beautiful.

Green River Overlook
Buck Canyon Overlook
Grand View Overlook
Grand View
Our Lunch View

There is over a 100 miles of biking, off road riding in the Canyon.

Another great day. We headed back to camp and when we got there the wind was so strong. Our camper was rockin all over. The wind lasted for a while. Then all at once it stopped. The weather on this trip so far has been very different for us.

Well our time is up here in Moab and we had another great visit. We move to Yuba State Park for a few days before mo ing West again.

Arches National Park and Moab Exploring

May 14-18, 2019

Moab KOA

Moab, Utah

Before we left Capitol Reef we stopped in at the visitors center. I couldn’t get any service on my phone and wasnt quite sure which direction we needed to go. The Ranger was very helpful and gave me a map to follow. A map, its amazing how much we rely on technology. Again the roads seem like they go to no where and gas station a very limited.

Just us and the highway

Our drive was about 2 1/2 hours and we had no idea Moab, Utah was such a happening place. We went from being the only ones on the road to cars and buggies everywhere.

We made it to our campground and got all set up and off we went to explore the downtown area and see where everything is.

Our campsite

The next morning Louie and I got up early and headed to the Arches trying to beat the crowds. We had a wonderful time at the Arches and hiked about 8 miles or more and still didnt get to see all the Arches at the park.

Park Avenue Trail
Windows Trail
The top of Window Arch
Broken Arch

Sand Dune Arch
Double Arch
Landscape Arch

After this trail it was getting late in the day and the crowds were still pouring in. We needed to get back to Nova and we were tired. 😊

After spending some time with Nova and feeding her we went into town at Pasta Jay’s to have dinner. We usually dont eat Italian out and we decided to give it a try and it was so delicious. Plenty to eat and plenty of left overs for another meal.

Day 2 – We decided to do something where we could take Nova with us after leaving her all day yesterday. So after breakfast we headed out to see what we can find. We started out walking the bike trail a little bit.

Bike trail over the Colorado River
Nova played a little bit

While we were walking we noticed a lot of people pulling over across the street from us and getting water jugs out. So after our walk we went back to the truck and drove to the spot. Louie climb down to see what was under there and it was a spring and we filled a couple of water bottles with the water and surprisingly it was pretty good.

Spring coming thru the rocks

After we left from filling our water bottles we headed to Corona Arch Trailhead. We met some folks while we were at the river and they told us about it. So off we go. On the way there we see people rock climbing so we stopped for a little bit to watch.

Rock climbing

We found the trail and started our hike.

Up we go
Crossing over the tracks

We almost made it to the end then we realized we had to climb up a ladder well that’s not going to work for Nova. So I volunteered to stay with her while Louie went. 😉 I could see the Aches from where I was so all was good.

The climb up

We headed back after another great hike.

Tomorrow we head to Canyonland National Park for Day 3 adventures.

Capitol Reef National Park

Fruita Campground

Torry Utah

May 13-14, 2019

After leaving Bryce Canyon our next stop is Capital Reef National Park. It is only 118 miles from Bryce Canyon which is about 2 and 1/2 hours. Doesn’t seem to bad of a drive. But for some reason the GPS takes us on these long and lonely roads which makes the drive seem so much longer.

Just us on the road

As we keep driving we realize just how beautiful Utah is. We finally come to a little town and we fueled up again and decided we better get some groceries as our last groceries stop was a very little store. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Walmart. Lol

We get to Capitol Reef NP Visitors Center and ask about checking into our site and the ranger pointed us to the direction we needed to go. We are only here for 1 night and again wishing it were longer. The campground is so beautiful but it’s with no hook ups and this would be a first for us. The weather was perfect for the evening and we managed just fine without having to use the generator.

Our site

With only one night here we jumped in the truck and started exploring. The campground got its name from the pioneer community of Fruita, settled in 1880.

Early settlers planted the orchards as a cash crop and for subsistence. No more than 10 families lived in Fruita at any one time, and the last resident moved away 1969. Today, the orchards are preserved and protected as a part of the Fruita Rural Historic Landscape listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The orchards contain approximately 3100 trees, including cherry, apricot, peach, pear, apple, plum, mulberry, almond and walnut. The National Park now maintains the orchards year round.

Unfortunately we didnt get to pick any fruit because they were not ready. When harvest is ready you can consume ripe fruit while in the orchards.

We took a scenic drive of 8 miles just outside of the campground. This drive offers breathtaking views. It took us a little over two hours to do this. During the drive there are nice pull offs and hiking trails but we didnt have time to take any hikes this trip.

Spot for hikers to park
Capitol Gorge

We had a beautiful scenic drive thru the Gorge that brought us to the bottom that once was a river. You just never know what you will find.

Visitors in the campground

We are truly bless to be able to see such beautiful places. Even though we were only here for one night we were able to see so much and to enjoy the beauty of this park.

We move on to Moab Utah next to see the Arches National Park and the Canyonlands National Park.

Bryce Canyon National Park and Red Canyon Recreation Area

Ruby’s Inn RV Park

Bryce Canyon City, Utah

May 10-13, 2019

We left Zion National Park and headed to Bryce Canyon City. It was such a beautiful drive for most of the way. One thing for sure about our travels in Utah you’d better have plenty of gas and make sure your refrigerator is full. As in our case we were running pretty low in groceries.

All by ourselves
Gas stop

We noticed as we kept driving that the temperature was getting colder and it was pretty wet from an earlier rain. When we stopped to fuel up which seem like the only place in a long while I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Is that really snow on the roof. Yes it sure was. I could tell Louie wasnt as happy about it as I was but I silently smiled that maybe we would get to see snow again.

Our campsite

We made it to our campsite and set up camp and it was still early enough we decided to go ahead and head to Bryce Canyon NP as we were only a mile away. When we arrived we could tell it had snowed earlier that morning. Snow was still on the ground and for this Florida girl I just loved seeing it.

We took a short hike around one of the rims and called it a day.

One of the overlooks

The next day we decided to venture out of the park so we could take Nova with us on a hike as national parks are not pet friendly on the trails. We passed Red Canyon on our way to Bryce Canyon so we headed to the visitors center to see what trails were there. The volunteer told us right behind the visitors center was a nice trail and we could take Nova. So off we went.

After we left this trail we went to the Tunnel trail across the street this was another nice hike for us.

Up and up we go. Our truck
One tunnel
From the top of the trail.

We had a lot of fun hiking today and Nova did to. We headed back to the camper and rested for a bit and went to dinner at Pine Steak house.

After dinner walk

The next day we went back to Bryce Canyon to do some more exploring. This park is just amazing.

Ponderosa View

After seeing as much as we could see with Nova with us we decided we wanted to hike down in the canyon so we took Nova back to the camper and headed back to the park. So glad we did this hike. It gave us a whole different feel for the beauty this park has to offer.

Down we go
Hike of Hoodoo Queen of Garden

We finished our hike that was almost 3 miles and descend 320 feet. It kicked my butt but it was so much fun. It’s time to head back to the camper.

As we were leaving we got to see the Utah Ferry dog.

We head to Capitol Reef National Park next. So follow along.