Olympia, Washington

June 14-16, 2019

American Heritage Family Campground.

Today’s travel is only 72 miles a little over an hour. I found this campground online and it had good reviews. We just needed a place to catch up with laundry, groceries and truck maintenance. To our surprise this campground was very nice. Tucked away from all the hustle bustle of the city. The lady that checked us in are the original owners of the park and the park is 40+ years old. She told us that the city just build around them. We talked for awhile and then we went to set up camp and take a look around.

Our campsite

After we walked around the campground we decided to head into town and get the maintenance done on the truck and Walmart run.

The next day we had the day to explore so we went into the downtown area of Olympia and explore Washington’s State Capitol. It was the weekend and the grounds are open to the public that wants to look around. Its amazing the time and energy that goes into planning and building the government buildings not to mention the amount of money that is spent.

The details are amazing
More doors
The ceiling
Walk way to the Governor Office
On the floor
The grounds

This was a wonderful surprise visit for us and definitely see more State Capital visits in our future.

Our time is up here and got everything done that we needed to get done. We move onto Port Angeles’s Washington tomorrow to explore Olympia National Park.

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