Oregon Coast

Cape Lookout State Park

Tillamook Oregon

June 9-12, 2019

Today’s journey has us still going up the coast to Tillamook, Oregon home of the Tillamook Cheese and Creamery. We traveled 165 miles today at a little under 4 hours. Our drive again was so pretty. We passed lots of little towns wishing we could have stopped but couldn’t because of parking and towing the camper. Maybe another time. When we arrived at the campground we were there before check in and as luck would have it someone was still in our site and they haven’t left yet. So the ranger sent us down to the beach parking area for a little while. We decided to go ahead and have lunch and after lunch we walked down to the beach to take a look.

Seen a Lighthouse while driving
More views of the coast

After a couple of hours we were checked into our site and set up camp. Time to expore the beach area from this end of the park.

Our campsite
Our first sunset at Cape Lookout

June 10

We wanted to visit the Lighthouse at Cape Meares which also offers a Three Sisters Scenic route. The drive was a mixture of farm land and rivers and the ocean with amazing views of Oregon.

One stop along our drive

A little info from the website about the park.

Park History

Obtained between 1938 and 1968 by lease and purchase from three federal government agencies, the park is surrounded by the Cape Meares National Wildlife Refuge. The cape itself was once an active lighthouse of the U. S. Coast Guard. The cape is named for the 18th century British naval officer, trader and explorer John Meares.
The lighthouse was built in 1889 and commissioned on January 1, 1890. The tower stands 38 feet high and is the shortest lighthouse in Oregon. It is constructed of bricks covered with iron plates. The original addition that now houses the interpretive shop was a work room built in 1895.  The current interpretive shop replaced the original work room in 1978.
The lens is a first order Fresnel lens made in Paris, France. It was shipped around Cape Horn, up the west coast to Cape Meares and then hauled 217 feet up the cliff by a wooden crane that was built from local timbers native to the area. It is an eight-sided lens with four primary lenses and four bull’s-eye lenses with red panels covering the bull’s-eye lenses. It produced about 30 seconds of fixed white light from the primary lens followed by a red flash of five seconds from the bull’s-eye lens once every minute. This was the signature of Cape Meares Lighthouse. The primary lens produced 18,000 candlepower and the bull’s-eye lens produced 160,000 candlepower. The light could be seen for 21 nautical miles at sea.

Acreage: 240.79

We took a walk around the park and visited the Octopus Tree. The picture below will give you the information about the tree. This tree was pretty huge.

June 11

Today we have plans to meet up with some long time friends that live in Tillamook and have breakfast at Tillamook Cheese and Creamery. We had a great visit and toured the factory and went back to our friends house for a little while. Thanks Sheryl and Tom for a wonderful visit. Afterwards we headed back to camp and took Nova for some play time on the beach.

Another day gone and our time is up here in Tillamook. We had a wonderful time and move to another new state for us as we head to Washington to explore Mt. Rainier.

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