Lassen Volcano National Park

May 29 -31, 2019

Lassen Mineral Campground, Mineral, California

We had a wonderful time in Lake Tahoe and although it snowed on us the weather was perfect. It’s time to move a little further north as our journey continues. As we leave we were able to follow Lake Tahoe along the north side. The lake is so magnificent. I was able to enjoy it, Louie not so much as he was pulling the camper along the narrow roads going up and around Lake Tahoe. Seems like the GPS wants to keep us on back lonely roads which makes it nice for traffic but not so much for fuel. Our drive today should be just under 4 hours.

Some of our scenery

We finally made it to our campground in the middle of no where. When researching everyone fails to say when giving reviews about a campground that you better have what you need before coming. No we found out the hard way. I asked the guy that checked us in how far is the nearest store or fuel and he pointed one direction 30 miles and pointed the other direction 45 miles. I guess we missed the sign saying “No Sevices next 75 miles” good thing we were in the middle. After we checked in and went to our site we realized we had the whole campground to ourselves. Alrighty then. At this point I didnt know weather to start crying or be happy. Anyway we set up and headed 30 miles back into town for fuel and a little groceries.

Going in to the campground
Our site
Our view

After our trip into town we returned back to our site and enjoyed the rest of the evening. By then the idea of being the only one in the park wasnt so bad after all. Tomorrow we head to Lassen Volcano National Park which is only 5 miles from the park. Oh yeah that’s why I picked this campground.

Before we left to go to the park I looked up to see what activities we could do on the website only to realize most of the park is closed due to snow. Are you kidding me….well we are here so off we go to see what is open and what was not. Even though there was a lot of snow the most we’ve seen yet we had a really good time. Once you get into the park only one mile of the road was clear for traffic and you could park and walk the rest of the roads that have been plowed but not open to traffic. So off we go exploring.

Of course we had to stop and let Nova play
Vistors Center
Just outside the back door
The Visitors Center

Powerful Forces

Lassen Volcanic National Park illustrates Earth’s powerful forces. Every rock originated from volcanoes, and all for types-shield, composite, cinder cone, and plug dome- can be found here.

Lassen Peak is one of the largest plug dome volcanoes in the world. Its last eruptions were between 1914 and 1921, with the largest explosion on May 22, 1915. The eruptions, photographed by local businessman Benjamin F. Loomis, paved the way for the creation of Lassen Volcanic National Park in August 9, 1916.

Scientists continue to monitor the landscape. No one can say when or where the next eruption will occur, only that it will.

We were happy to see the park in the wintertime landscape but wished we could have seen the summer landscape as the pictures we seen the park is just beautiful then. A few more pictures of our day.

The road we walked up
Wow we walked alot today

We walked to an elevation of 7300 ft and the cloulds started getting darker and we decided we better start walking back and sure enough we got caught in a light rain. 🙂

Tomorrow we head to Collier Memorial State Park to explore Crater Lake National Park

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