South Lake Tahoe

May 23-29, 2019

Tahoe Valley Campground, South Lake Tahoe, California

Our campsite

We left Fallen, Nevada and continued our journey on Hwy 50 the Loneliest Hwy. Luckily we only had to travel a couple of hours today.

We finally got off of Hwy 50 so I guess we survived the Loneliest Highway in America and honestly we both dont care to do that road again.

We arrived at the campground around 11:00 and got check in and headed to our site. Oh no this site isn’t going to work for us. Our back door opened to a huge electric box and our front door opened to a tree. I went to the office and asked if we could be moved and the girl in the office was super nice and put us in a perfect spot for our stay. After we set up camp we headed out for some exploring. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful!

After we road around a little we saw a Kmart and decided to go check it out and see what kind of souvenirs we could find. I found a cute shirt and we went to pay for it and while I was talking with the cashier a lady was pointing at Louie saying dont I know you? When I turned around it was Azzie. We worked with her and her husband Joe at Fort DeSoto when we were all hosting. Wow what a small world we live in. We talked for a while and she invited us over for dinner on Tuesday. Gave us a few places to check out while we are here.

The next morning we got up early and packed our back packs and went exploring again.

Emerald Point
Eagle Falls
Trail going up.

We hiked up to Eagle Falls and beyond until we ran into snow yet again. We decided to turn around and head to the Emerald Bay State Park. Vikingsholm is a 38 room mansion that was built in 1929 and it is on the shore of South Lake Tahoe and the trail going down would be about a mile and half. Ok doesn’t seem that bad so down we went.

What goes down must come up
The mansion on the lake
One of the pine trees down by the lake
Snow Flower

We spent a while down by the lake enjoying the view and letting Nova swim a little. We made the journey back up the road. Oh my what a journey up hill all the way.

At the top looking down to where we were.

Saturday we went into town and shopped and checked out the casino’s on the Nevada side of town. Played the slot machine. Only spent 3.00 and it was enough for us.

Sunday we woke up to it snowing. It was so beautiful. I couldn’t believe it was snowing on us again.

Its snowing, Its snowing

The snow lasted a couple of hours then the sun came out and it seems like it was gone in no time. We pretty much just hung around the campground and I played catch up with laundry for the day.

We took a couple of adventures hiking and exploring on Monday and Tuesday and had dinner with our friends from Fort DeSoto on Tuesday evening and had a wonderful time catching up.

Couple more random pictures of our time here in Lake Tahoe.

We loved Lake Tahoe. Spent 6 nights here our longest stay yet and still feel like we didnt spend enough time here. All the words like amazing, beautiful, wonderful cant describe the how we feel.

Tomorrow we move on to Mineral, California to visit Lassen Volcano National Park. So follow along and drop a line so I know who reading.

One thought on “South Lake Tahoe

  1. Enjoy the cold and snow as long as you can ! Roll around in the snow and feel the freeze ! So hot in florida, wish we could find snow to play in ! Love seeing your posts ! Enjoy and be safe !


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