Nevada Travels

May 21 and May 22

KOA in Ely, Nevada

We left Yuba State Park at our usual time and headed north. Our planned driving time was to be just under 4 hours. As we head out of the park and start heading north about 8 miles into our drive the GPS wanted us to turn left onto Old Botham Road. So as we approach the road we both realize it’s a dirt road that would take us to Interstate 15. Umm I dont think so. We continued north and eventually the GPS rerouted us. I knew we were looking for State Road 50 and we finally made it.

As you can see from the picture above it’s just us and the highway. We drove thru some pretty country. After awhile we started to wonder “Are we ever going to see a gas station”.

We finally found a gas station and it was a little expensive but we didnt have any choice but to pay the price. After we fueled up they had a store so we went inside to check it out. They had a gambling area, a restaurant and the store. While I was looking around I seen a booklet that mentioned Highway 50 was “The Loneliest Road in America”. Well then that explains why we have not seen anyone on the road. So I the booklet is The Official NV Hwy 50 Survival Guide for the Loneliest Road in America.

In July 1986, Life Magazine described Nevada’s Highway 50 as the “Loneliest Road in America” The article said there were no attractions or points of interest along the 287-mile stretch of road and “warned” drivers not to risk traveling the route – unless they had “survival skills.”

OKAY now that we just found this out from the booklet that I just picked up it had us really thinking about this road. We were to far in to turn around now. We planned to stop in Ely, Nevada for the night and continue on the next day.

After arriving at the KOA and getting set up I decided it would be a good place to get some laundry done. While I was getting everything together it started a light rain and then it started snowing. Wow I was so excited. Watching the snow while I did laundry. When I was done we made a little snowman. Yayyy

The next morning we woke up to more snow and was just a little worried as Louie has never driven in the snow much less pulling the camper.

Today’s drive would be over 4 hours on another part of the Loneliest Hwy.

Austin City

We finally made it to Fallon, Nevada for the nights stay and stayed at Fallon RV Park. Nothing at all special about this park I didnt even get a picture of our site. Choices were slim.

We head to South Lake Tahoe, California next so follow along and see how it goes

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