Yuba State Park

Painted Rock Campground

May 18-21, 2019

We left Moab and headed west on I-70. Our drive today is a little over 3 hours. Again we felt like we were the only ones traveling today. One thing we’ve noticed is the speed limit out here is 80. We were like wow. Also, we noticed after we got on I-70 that there was a sign that said No Services for the next 100 miles. Really a 100 miles.

We had a nice drive and found our campground again in the middle of no where. The weather turned cold and wet and we pretty much stayed in doors the whole 3 days we were here. It was nice to just have some down time.

Our campsite
Our view
Our last night

Tomorrow we head to Ely, Nevada.

One thought on “Yuba State Park

  1. We just love getting your updates ! Your pics are awesome and with your narration, it’s an escape just to look at your updates ! Thanks for taking the time to share your vacation !


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