Canyonlands National Park

Day 3

After reading a little about the park. There are no services. Only thing available is the Visitors Center. We packed a lunch and topped off our gas and away we went. The park is about 45 minutes from where we are staying. It was a beautiful drive with lots of pretty scenery. Once we arrived we checked in the visitors center and I was able to get another stamp for my passport book. Looked around and started exploring.

Our first stop was the Whale Rock. It was a short hike to the top.

This park is also huge. Lots of hikes to do but we were limited on what we could do because we had Nova. So we mostly did the pull off and overviews. Even with that it’s still beautiful.

Green River Overlook
Buck Canyon Overlook
Grand View Overlook
Grand View
Our Lunch View

There is over a 100 miles of biking, off road riding in the Canyon.

Another great day. We headed back to camp and when we got there the wind was so strong. Our camper was rockin all over. The wind lasted for a while. Then all at once it stopped. The weather on this trip so far has been very different for us.

Well our time is up here in Moab and we had another great visit. We move to Yuba State Park for a few days before mo ing West again.

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