Arches National Park and Moab Exploring

May 14-18, 2019

Moab KOA

Moab, Utah

Before we left Capitol Reef we stopped in at the visitors center. I couldn’t get any service on my phone and wasnt quite sure which direction we needed to go. The Ranger was very helpful and gave me a map to follow. A map, its amazing how much we rely on technology. Again the roads seem like they go to no where and gas station a very limited.

Just us and the highway

Our drive was about 2 1/2 hours and we had no idea Moab, Utah was such a happening place. We went from being the only ones on the road to cars and buggies everywhere.

We made it to our campground and got all set up and off we went to explore the downtown area and see where everything is.

Our campsite

The next morning Louie and I got up early and headed to the Arches trying to beat the crowds. We had a wonderful time at the Arches and hiked about 8 miles or more and still didnt get to see all the Arches at the park.

Park Avenue Trail
Windows Trail
The top of Window Arch
Broken Arch

Sand Dune Arch
Double Arch
Landscape Arch

After this trail it was getting late in the day and the crowds were still pouring in. We needed to get back to Nova and we were tired. 😊

After spending some time with Nova and feeding her we went into town at Pasta Jay’s to have dinner. We usually dont eat Italian out and we decided to give it a try and it was so delicious. Plenty to eat and plenty of left overs for another meal.

Day 2 – We decided to do something where we could take Nova with us after leaving her all day yesterday. So after breakfast we headed out to see what we can find. We started out walking the bike trail a little bit.

Bike trail over the Colorado River
Nova played a little bit

While we were walking we noticed a lot of people pulling over across the street from us and getting water jugs out. So after our walk we went back to the truck and drove to the spot. Louie climb down to see what was under there and it was a spring and we filled a couple of water bottles with the water and surprisingly it was pretty good.

Spring coming thru the rocks

After we left from filling our water bottles we headed to Corona Arch Trailhead. We met some folks while we were at the river and they told us about it. So off we go. On the way there we see people rock climbing so we stopped for a little bit to watch.

Rock climbing

We found the trail and started our hike.

Up we go
Crossing over the tracks

We almost made it to the end then we realized we had to climb up a ladder well that’s not going to work for Nova. So I volunteered to stay with her while Louie went. 😉 I could see the Aches from where I was so all was good.

The climb up

We headed back after another great hike.

Tomorrow we head to Canyonland National Park for Day 3 adventures.

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