Bryce Canyon National Park and Red Canyon Recreation Area

Ruby’s Inn RV Park

Bryce Canyon City, Utah

May 10-13, 2019

We left Zion National Park and headed to Bryce Canyon City. It was such a beautiful drive for most of the way. One thing for sure about our travels in Utah you’d better have plenty of gas and make sure your refrigerator is full. As in our case we were running pretty low in groceries.

All by ourselves
Gas stop

We noticed as we kept driving that the temperature was getting colder and it was pretty wet from an earlier rain. When we stopped to fuel up which seem like the only place in a long while I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Is that really snow on the roof. Yes it sure was. I could tell Louie wasnt as happy about it as I was but I silently smiled that maybe we would get to see snow again.

Our campsite

We made it to our campsite and set up camp and it was still early enough we decided to go ahead and head to Bryce Canyon NP as we were only a mile away. When we arrived we could tell it had snowed earlier that morning. Snow was still on the ground and for this Florida girl I just loved seeing it.

We took a short hike around one of the rims and called it a day.

One of the overlooks

The next day we decided to venture out of the park so we could take Nova with us on a hike as national parks are not pet friendly on the trails. We passed Red Canyon on our way to Bryce Canyon so we headed to the visitors center to see what trails were there. The volunteer told us right behind the visitors center was a nice trail and we could take Nova. So off we went.

After we left this trail we went to the Tunnel trail across the street this was another nice hike for us.

Up and up we go. Our truck
One tunnel
From the top of the trail.

We had a lot of fun hiking today and Nova did to. We headed back to the camper and rested for a bit and went to dinner at Pine Steak house.

After dinner walk

The next day we went back to Bryce Canyon to do some more exploring. This park is just amazing.

Ponderosa View

After seeing as much as we could see with Nova with us we decided we wanted to hike down in the canyon so we took Nova back to the camper and headed back to the park. So glad we did this hike. It gave us a whole different feel for the beauty this park has to offer.

Down we go
Hike of Hoodoo Queen of Garden

We finished our hike that was almost 3 miles and descend 320 feet. It kicked my butt but it was so much fun. It’s time to head back to the camper.

As we were leaving we got to see the Utah Ferry dog.

We head to Capitol Reef National Park next. So follow along.

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