Zion National Park

May 7-10, 2019

Watchman Campground, Springdale Utah

Before we head to Zion we need to stop and get new shoes for our camper. So we were up early and wanted to be there when they opened at 8:00. We get there just a little before 8:00 and about 8:15 no one was around. Umm we were wondering what was going on and then another customer came up about 15 minutes later and told us that the city of Page was on Pacific Time and not Mountain Time so we actually were an hour earlier. Once the shop open they started right away putting new tires on our camper. Those guys were super fast.

Big O tires, Page AZ
New shoes

We thanked everyone for getting us in and out and off we went. Started back on 89 north and about 10 miles in our truck started making a chime noise it was “what now”. We had something wrong with our tire on the truck now. So we pull over and Louie gets out the air compressor and trys to air up the tire. Nope the value stem was bad. We call Big O tires and he said come on back and he will fit us in.

Getting a new Valve Stem

Again these guys really hustle to get us on the road. I cant say enough about the service we received from Big O Tires even though our wallet is a little less now. Off to Utah

Our drive was so beautiful. The terrain kept changing. Simply amazing.

We made it to Zion National Park in the early afternoon and when we pulled up to the ranger station to show him our Pass he informs us that we have to pay an additional 15.00 for a tunnel pass. A tunnel pass I asked him? Yes there are actually 2 tunnels on the way to the campground and one of them a ranger has to stop traffic so we can go thru. OK then off we go. You can only imagine what Louie was thinking. I was thinking he is going to kill me. LOL but all was good and we made it thru.

1st tunnel
2nd tunnel

The tunnels were constructed in 1930. The 2nd tunnel is 1.1 miles long. It was pretty cool going thru it.

Our campsite

After we leave the ranger station and travel thru 2 tunnels and 12 miles later we have one more ranger station to stop at and check in. They tell us were we can fill our tanks for fresh water. I asked oh there’s no water at the site and he said no ma’am. Umm OK… I guess I didnt research this park enough. We filled our tank with water and headed to our site. After we set up camp we head out to see if we can find a gas station as we are in the middle of nowhere thinking we had to go back the way we came in. But luckily on the other entrance which was only a mile away there was a very small town and they had a gas station. We filled up and headed back to the park to explore.

Zion National Park is simply amazing. They have lots of places to hike, although we only did a short one there were more to do. Some were closed due to to much rain and flooding. Again Zion is a very busy place and we found that if you go early in the morning or late in the afternoon you can enjoy yourself without the crowds. We did manage to go for a bike ride to town from the campground and had lunch.

Well our time is up here at Zion and we had a great time here. This is a beautiful place with amazing views every where.

Thanks for following along as we head to Bryce Canyon next.

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