Grand Canyon National Park

May 2-5, 2019

Trailer Village RV Park

The Grand Canyon is a first for Louie and I and all we can say its amazing. The first day we arrived we set up camp and headed to the canyon. At first we were simply overwhelmed especially with the crowds. Bus load after bus load of folks that didnt care if you were standing right there they would just stand right beside you and take pictures. After about an hour of too many people we decided we would try again in the morning and hopefully beat the crowds. But our first impression was WOW…

Our site

The next morning we set out to see the Canyon and yes it was much better. We started out at Mather Point and went right towards Desert View. It was a nice walk and no crowds.

After walking about 2 hours we started noticing that Nova was peeing alot and had a little blood in her urine and it alarmed us so we cut out hike short and decided to take her to the vet and see what’s going on. After getting back to our campsite and called around to see what/where the closest vet was. We were off to Flagstaff about 90 minutes away. We arrived at Canyon Animal Hospital and all I can say is everyone especially Kelly was so nice and caring. They made us feel like this was Nova Vet office. Anyway after checking her out and running a few tests it looks like Nova has a UTILITARIAN Track Infection. So with meds in hand we head back to the Grand Canyon.

We had company when we got back from the vet

The next day we decided to leave Nova resting and we decided to go hike the “Journey Through Time”

The canyon walls reach about 5000 feet below the rim to the river. The thickness of all Grand Canyon rocks, if present in one spot, would total more than 15,000 feet. Some rock units, however, appear only in some parts of the canyon. The strata of the Grand Canyon do not present a continuous record of the Earth’s history. Some rock layers were deposited on top, producing unconformities, millions of years of missing time, unknown geological stories.

Each rock layer represents a period when a particular environment of deposition prevailed.

On our final day we wanted to to see Hermits rest and Bright Angel Trailhead. Nova was feeling better so we took her with us. We couldn’t do the whole trail as dogs were not allowed pass a certain point. Maybe another time.

Off we go…

Our time is up here at the Grand Canyon and we did have an amazing time here despite Nova having to go to the vet but that’s part of our journey when you have pets that travel with you.

We move on to Lake Powell next. Thanks for following us.

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