Glenn Canyon National Recreation Area

Lake Powell

May 5-7, 2019

Wahweap Campground, Page AZ

Our site

We left the Grand Canyon and headed north on 64 which followed the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We continue until we got on 89. We were probably on 89 for 30 minutes or so when Louie said something dont feel right and we both knew what it was. Louie quickly pulled over and yep we had a flat tire on the trailer in the middle of no where. Luckily only one tire blew and we didnt have any damage to the trailer. After we changed the tire and put everything away we were back on the road. A little nervous we were as we didnt have another spare and still had an hour or so of driving to go. We made it safe and sound to our next spot. We set up camp and drove into town to see about getting new shoes for our camper. We found one tire dealer in Page and he just so happens to have tires that will fit our camper. We made an appointment for 2 days later when we planned to leave and head to Zion. Now we feel much better, so now we can explore the Glen Canyon. It is so beautiful here and wishing we had more time here.

Off to check out the water at Lake Powell
Lake Powell swimming area

The next day a friend of ours told us to check out Horseshoe bend. So off we go. Again we encountered more bus loads of tourists. Ugh, oh well I guess they want to see the same thing as us.

Trail going to Horseshoe Bend
Our family photo.

It was a pretty warm day and the hike to and from Horseshoe Bend was quite a trip. I think Nova was a hit with her shoes that we had many visitors wanting to take pictures. LOL

After we left Horseshoe Bend we went to the visitors center and the dam.

Bridge going over the dam

Again wishing we had more time here to expore but we dont and that will give us another reason to come back. It’s so beautiful here.

In the morning we get our new shoes for our camper and off to Zion National Park.

Thanks for following along.

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