New Mexico

April 27-29

After Amarillo, Texas we headed west again on I-40 and a few miles in we came across Cadillac Ranch and we took the next exit and turned around to see it up close. We didn’t have a spray can to add our names but that was OK with us.

Cadillac Ranch

We continued our journey west heading to New Mexico as another new state for us.

Crossing the border to New Mexico

We made it to American RV campground just off the Interstate.

After being here just a short while we noticed or should I say Nova noticed that there were stickers/thorns everywhere. I felt so sorry for her. She didn’t want to come out of the camper at all. So off to the store to get her some shoes for her feet. Sorry no pictures but Louie did get a video and I tell you what it’s like she knew what they were for. LoL

Afterwards we went for a drive looking for Route 66 stops but really didn’t find anything. I looked up for things to do in the area a found that there was a scenic byway so we headed there. So happy that we did.

One of the pull offs

At this trailhead we planned to do a little hike but we found some snow

Play, I get to play

Nova was loving the snow

10678 elevations

Just another view from the top.

The snow was still pretty high here.

We had a pretty good time in New Mexico other than Nova having to deal with the stickers.

Follow along as we head to Flagstaff, Arizona.

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