Flagstaff, Arizona

April 29 – May 2

Arizona – another new state for us

We arrived at our campground Black Barts RV and it’s nothing to write about. We decided that the location was good for us to do the things we wanted to do.

Our first full day we checked out Route 66 Historic downtown. This is what we have been expecting for the whole Route 66 Sega. This experience of Route 66 was cool. We enjoyed walking around and browsing thru the shops and looking at the old buildings and signs. The town of Flagstaff is very pet friendly and we were able to take Nova into all the shops.

Visitors Center

After visiting the Historic Rt 66 we drove around checking out Flagstaff. I thought you could drive up to Humphrey Mountain so I plug in Humphrey Mountain into the GPS and off we go. Well the drive there was so pretty and then we turn on this dirt/gravel road and were like OK, did something like this in Maine before. We kept driving and thought this cant be right so we decided to turn around. Maybe it wasnt such a great idea after all. Only to find out the next day you can only get to the top by hiking. Well that wasnt going to happen for us at least not this trip.

Trying to get up to Humphrey Mountain

Humphrey Mountain

So with Humphrey Mountain out we decided to go to the Snow Bowl.

The drive up we spotted some dear

The further up we went the colder it got

We did find some snow and Nova got to play again.

We finished playing as the temps were 40 degrees and we were cold. So we headed back to the camper and enjoyed the rest of the evening being warm.

May 1st we headed to Sedona, Arizona. All I can say is Wow. Such a beautiful place.

Downtown Sedona

Our lunch at Cowboys

The roads going down

We had a fabulous time and if we ever come back to Sadona we would definitely do some hiking. We have enjoyed our time in Flagstaff and super excited about our next move as we finally get to the Grand Canyon. So follow along and see what happens next.

One thought on “Flagstaff, Arizona

  1. Bet your glad you changed your plans a bit. Flagstaff is so cool and isn’t Sedona just beautiful. We would go back to both!

    Yes we are thanks to you and Mike, otherwise we would have missed it and like you we would go back to both places too. Definitely would hike Sedona!


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